Tihana Martinović

Tihana Martinović

Keyboards, synths

Had Helen Fielding known Tihana, "Bridget Jones's Diary" her bestseller from 1996 would have been titled "Tihana Martinovic's Diary " instead. Tihana is afraid of spiders, darkness, pain, loneliness, and that their actions could destroy someone's life, while for her own she says it is not at all that interesting, and that she is lost in time and space.

She trained handball for three months, went to a folklore class, a dance school, played tennis, traveled the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, and half of Europe, was active in several associations, won the First Prize with the choir at the international competition for pupils / students of music, and nearly went to the competition with the song for a piano and two trumpets, because teachers realized at the last minute that they given them the wrong notation.

Today, instead of Tom, Jude and Shazza, Tihana has Holographic Human Element. And Mark Darcy.

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