Dino Dževlan

Dino Dževlan

Founder of Holographic Human Element

Until his entire world was falling in under the pressure of many factors of which others can only speculate, Dino rose in order to realise ideas that wondered his thoughts for so long and which one uncompromised world tried to stop by all means.

The brain of the Holographic Human Element operation had its humble beginnings at the dawn of 21st century in Jablanica where he performed at the school play for the first time. From ridiculous play, through theatrical school plays and several bands, until fulfilment in the form of Holographic Human Element, he went through fire and ice of disapproval, prohibitions and negative critics.

Today, while observing how his idea is being realized and shaped with the help of those living by the same idea, he victoriously seeks that we who listen "translate all our considerations into the music which they create", since we who listen need to dominate what we hear. We (the listeners) are those who create the image being projected to us.

We rarely see that somebody lives its own dreams. We often envy such people because fate has given them the possibility to translate the thought into action. Dino should be envied but not at some abstract term such as "fortune" or "God’s benevolence" but at consistency, determination and effort he put into realization of what most people only view as finding whom to blame for unsuccessful carrier as an astronaut or ninja.

Taking the following names as idols, such as Vangelis, Clint Mansell, Hans Zimmer, Jean Michel Jarre, This Will Destroy You, Sigur Ros and Mono, Dino built a unique and overall innovative direction in his consistent work without giving up from the brave idea which culminated in the creation of what we nowadays call Holographic Human Element.

With help of Dino's indispensable company - considered as the "best" by himself - Dino decisively led us to the unique path of examining our own feelings and thereby finally get awarded for being a workaholic.

Due to private reasons Dino had to leave the project in June 2014.

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