Ajdin Škulj

Ajdin Škulj


The principle formulated by Aristotle in his major work Metaphysics (Book Γ) – “The same attribute cannot at the same time belong and not belong to the same subject and in the same respect”, and as such claims it to be the supreme principle of thought and being, does not apply to Ajdin.

When Ajdin first came to Holographic Human Element, one of his first comments was: “Well, I will never get used to the metronome”. Today, he’s the first one to protest when there’s something wrong with the metronome in his headphones.

He’s the last one to order a beer, if at all, but then again, he’s the one that heard a comment from the audience: “Look at that junkie!”

According to Ajdin, the ideal personal relationships are when everybody is quiet and minds his/her own business, but still he thinks that he is misunderstood person that is trying to become understood by others.

Ivo Brešan, Croatian writer and playwright once said: “A man can put a mask over the face, but inside still continues to be what he really is. But what if the mask cauterize with the face? It gets harder for you to play that double game over the time, so you begin to really believe what you are saying, in order to remain pure in your own eyes. To cut the longs story short, you brain becomes stone.”

Ajdin remarkably balances between “is” and “is not”. He proudly wears his mask opposing Brešan’s attitude, and allows a couple of chosen once to get a glimpse under it only to discover Dante Alighieri, Van Gog and Vivaldi aficionado.

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