Adnan Đonlić

Adnan Đonlić


To grow up in a small town like Travnik means to be inspired by "sevdah" and the spirit of past times, the scent of history that comes from every rock of the city of Viziers. At the same time, it means to be dolefully inhibited in every attempt to express your artistic view, considering the general lack of money but also the plague of disinterest for every form of art that puts quality in front of publishing and commercial success. Nevertheless, with constant effort and engagement in many musical projects and above everything else with great responsibility and dedication to what he is doing, Adnan found a way to resist the grey matrix which sends all creativity into an abyss.

Realizing that music should not have genres because division can only impoverish, he concluded that music, as well as people, should be divided only to good and bad. Looking at the world through such a lens, he began to create a slightly unique musical expression, and managed to put his own signature to the music he created while playing in many unsigned bands.

The goal of life from Adnan's point of view is deduction and understanding of the world, and himself, and also the expression of the things he learnt. Life is all about learning and the basis of learning is sharing this knowledge with your surroundings. In this equation, music appears as the most complex and perfect way of imprinting the results.

Adnan constantly has to fight the stereotypes which is abundantly present in our conservative society but this only gives him added incentive to persist on his path; his motto in life being – Per Aspera Ad Astra.

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